some idea about the prices at gentle dental - Hamilton

Full mouth exam and x2 x-rays for $60.00 only !

extraction per tooth from $160.00

white fillings from $170.00

root canal treatment from $550.00 (per canal)

crowns (caps) from $1240.00

scaling and polishing from $135.00

bleaching {teeth whitening}(office) $445.00  (beyond office bleaching) promotion price until January 2018 is $160.00

home bleaching $290.00 (includes x4 bleaching tubes and bleaching trays)

so what you waiting for call us now to have your dental exam for $60.00 only and get your smile back in style


All Major credit cards are accepted for your dental fees payment ((Visa, Mater cards, Farmers

cards and AMEX)).

Use your Q card at Gentle Dental - Hamilton and take advantage of the

12 months interest free on every account $500.00 and over (conditions


just swipe your card and get 3 months interest free or apply for interest free

for 12 months if your account exceed $500.00 (conditions apply)

for further information please visit

 Enjoy the latest tooth whitening machine available for further detail please watch the video

Beyond Polus whitening in office bleaching for only $600.00 (conditions applies)

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